My name is Bob Robertson, I love and enjoy all forms of art.
I’d like to invite you and art lovers every where to take a look at my work.
I’ve been a full time professional sculptor and woodcarver for over 40 years.
I plan to post new works for people to view and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if some collector wants to own them more then I do. This web site is brand new and plan to add links of interest as soon as possible
I’ve posted several works that is in the hands of my valued collectors in both wood and bronze
Feel free to contact me if you can’t live with out one of my originals works.
I’m starving so please bring lots of money
All compliments accepted, I can handle all the insults by myself. I plan to post new woodcarvings when they are for up sale. If any of my works are for sale there will be information next to the sculpture-woodcarving. Thank each of you for taking a look at my efforts.