Bob Robertson’s art career started out as a production woodcarver for Pete Engler, creator of Mountain Woodcarving in a local theme park. Pete also had his home base at The Wilderness Road Clockworks and Woodcarvings business in Reeds Spring Missouri

He carved for Pete for many years to evolve into one of America’s premier wood artists. Carving caricatures was his favorite subject matter, cigar store Indians were another popular subject matter he carved large numbers of

Through years of hard work, dedication and extensive study some original wood sculptures started to get national attention. With his best efforts and quality always the main objective. . After years as a production carver Bob felt it was time to go out on his own to advance his career as a freelance sculptor-woodcarver.

Only a limited number of these original wood sculptures can be produced, which makes them more attractive to the discriminating art collector.

During the thirty five plus years as a full time professional artist, the bronze medium was included to meet the supply and demand for his work. What ever the subject matter might be there is always a constant effort to achieve an emotional statement.

Much of his compositions are of the American West, at other times new and innovative ideas are essential in the growth of an artist.

Bob’s work can be found in the hands of corporations, museums as well as business and private collectors in America and over seas. It has been show cased in fine art galleries through out the U.S. and featured in newspapers, national art magazines and on television.

As a Missouri native, Bob chose the creative atmosphere of the beautiful Ozark Mountains in which to live and work. He has a wife, Ruth and two daughters, Darice and Shelia. His hobbies are street rods, custom cars and fly fishing for trout.

Major art shows in attendance.

The Pepper Tree Art Show…………..…..San Enez. CA.

The Danada Sculpture Show ……………Chicago. Ill.

Sculpture in the Park…………………….Loveland CO.

Southeast Wildlife Exposition……………Charleston, SC.

Cheyenne Western Art Show…………… Cheyenne WY.


Corporate, private and monumental commissions are welcome