Hope every one that visits my web site will check out my good friend George Tutt. He has achieved so many awards with his art through the years. One of his out standing achievements is creating the Missouri Watercolor Association. George is the president of this very popular group of artists from around the world. He taught art at William Woods College in Fulton MO. for many years. There are not enough kind words I can say about George. This is your opportunity to see first hand the paintings of this great artist.

George Tutt


Charlie Smith artist

When it comes to automotive art it doesn’t get any better then the fine art of Charlie Smith.Every time I look at his rendition of cars it blows me away just how good of an artist Charlie is. Instead of telling you about the talents of this great artist just open his web site and see for yourself. Motorburg is Charlie’s web site; it is filled with all kinds of auto art and other information about the automotive world. It has a forum for car lovers and artist to exchange their thoughts and show cases their art work in. If you’re a car nut like me, motorburg is a must.    Check it out

Charlie Smith


Phil and Vicki Bishop Caricature Woodcarvers

For husband and wife carving duo, Phil and Vicki Bishop, carving is simply a matter of caricature. These award winning carvers pursues their own distinctive artistic direction and unique style. Phil favors country and western themes whereas Vicki’s carves different subject matter. This couple has achieved a membership in The Caricature Carvers of America organization.This club is dedicated to promoting caricature carving as an art form. The couple has spent the last 16 years teaching caricature seminars scattered throughout the United States.They are good friends of mine so I hope you take a few minutes and check these two talented people out.

Phil and Vicki currently live in Elk City, OK.

 Phil and Vicki



Randy Landen, Collector of woodcarvings and art turned woodcarver.

Randy and his wife Carol started collecting woodcarvings on their honeymoon in the Branson MO in the late 70’s. After visiting woodcarving shops and watching demonstrations by woodcarvers for years, one of these carvers encouraged him to try his hand at carvings. The rest is history; Randy became a good enough carver to become a member of the Caricature Carvers of America. He now teaches at carving seminars around the country. I’ve never met any one more enthused about woodcarvings then Randy. If you like caricature carvings Randy’s web site is a must to check out.

Randy Landen


Chris Hammack

Chris’ carving career began 25 years ago after a thirty foot fall landed him in the hospital. During five month convalescence he picked up a piece of firewood and with a pocket knife began carving caricatures. Within two years Chris began competing in carving shows returning home with first place awards. The years following would bring national seminars, art pieces presented to U.S.Senators, mayors and famous actors. Chris’s art work has been featured on Leanin Tree cards for over 20 years. He then started a successful business in CO. and his art went around the globe. Today, Chris is back to his roots in TX. where he continues to create new character scenes. Through his artwork Chris shares his intuitive knowledge of the cowboy life style and the humor therein.

Chris Hammack


Harley and Midge Schmitgen

Harley has been in the art field for over 40 years working with stone, carving, designing and selling memorials. Midge joined him in 2001 helping out with the art work. Harley has been teaching woodcarving for over 20 years in his spare time. They began team teaching the art of woodcarving around the country in 2001. Harley specializes in human and Santa free standing deep relief . He likes to describe them as semi-realistic, with a lot of character. He was inducted into the Caricature Carvers of America in 1991. Midge specializes in near life size animal faces using the same relief technique.

Harley and Midge


Marlen Downing

Marlen Downing is a good  buddy of mine and he began his sculpting career in 1981, focusing primarily on ducks and songbirds carved from wood.  This shifted to birds of prey in the mid 1990 to other subject matters with well thought out compositions and realistic poses. Marlen’s sculpture is easily recognized by collectors nationwide.  His bronze and wood sculptures have been displayed in galleries and fine art shows from coast to coast. What ever you do check out his web site. Marlen can also be found on Facebook

Marlen Downing