Wood Carvings

This is my show case of caricature woodcarvings page with other information

Caricatures has always been one of my favorite subject matters and they are what I first started carving, many may not agree with me but I’ve always thought caricatures that have a certain quality to them should be considered fine art. Harold Enlow has always been my hero caricature carver, he is the best caricature carver on the planet. There are several other caricature carvers that impress me, Chris Hammack from TX. is an excellent caricature carver, he can create some of the most humorous group carvings of any one in the country. Most of Chris’s works are western subject matter. Phil and Vicki Bishop from OK. do some mighty fine caricature carvings. With out question Desiree Hajny does the finest wild life carvings I’ve seen and have her work in our art collection. Fred Cogelow is with out doubt one of the best woodcarvers in the land of woodcarving, he is a class act when it comes to carving masterpieces.One of the most talented artist-sculptors I’ve had the privilege to personally know is the famous Disney sculptor Kent Melton. He started the early part of his art career woodcarving in the Branson MO. area with some of the most impressive carvings I’ve ever laid eyes on. Kent is a very private person and that’s all the information that I will mention about him. I’m sure there are many more great woodcarvers that need recognition  but I’ll stop with the ones I have mentioned. Thanks to my wife Lug Nut Ruthie for support and thumping me on the noodle daily to keep me wobbling straight.

I’m also going to post a few of my caricature cartoons on this page from time to time, humor has always been a big part of my life. I’m not all that good at drawing cartoons but have fun trying. Jack Davis is one of my favorite cartoonist, it doesn’t get any better than a cartoon by Jack Davis

I have got to know many talented artist in my life and if the urge hits me I’ll post pictures of them and other events in my travels on this page in hopes the viewers might enjoy them.Worth mentioning are my friends John and Hazel Chaney, they are collectors of the finest collection of caricature woodcarving in the USA. Their carving collection is mind boggling. It’s an honor to have several of my works in their collection. All caricature carvers every where owe them a debt of gratitude for their support of the art of woodcarving. I have many other wonderful collectors I would like to put in a kind word for but they are very private people and prefer not to have their names mentioned because of security reasons.

The site is brand new , my old web site was hacked and shut down for no reason by some evil dirt bag from  the land of wackos. Thanks to my good friend Rafe Heidler of CDS Computer Service a born again computer genius that took the time to create this new web site.

Some of these carvings are for sale, if one happens to hit your can’t live with out it button just let me know. I’m older than dirt so please don’t wait too long.

Please contact me for information.



Here we have a drunk Red Neck Hawk jabbing his claws into the back shoulder of this Indian warrior causing him to start screaming. The little varmint below is the hawks beer drinking buddy. This was a mother jammer to get carving chisels in and around the characters in this piece. I hand paint each one. This carving is for sale. Contact me for information.

  •                         SCREAMING EAGLE


This cowpoke is making a quick with draw from the bank and is being pursued by a posse that didn’t agree with his withdrawing process. This carving is for sale. Contact me for information

  •                                   WITHDRAW EXPRESS


There is a old cowboy saying  “I’m your huckleberry”  it means “I’m the man for the job” That’s a saloon rat leaning on a spittoon behind the cowboy, he really enjoys a good old fashion gun fight

  •                   I’M YOUR HUCKLEBERRY


Movies and artist have done humorous  ideas about Comancheros, I had to carve my version of the one below. Probably the most famous version was the one in the movie with Humfrey Bogart that made the classic quote “I don’t need no stinking badge”    My quote is “I don’t need no stinking brain” thank goodness I was fortunate to be given at least one brain cell to operate with.

  •                            COMANCHERO


Many years back I read a book about Hobbits by J.R.R.Tolkien. Never before had I ever seen any artist rendition of one. These images kept popping up in my mind and these are what I came up with. Years later there was an animated movie of the Hobbit and it really surprised the Bajeezus out of me to see their images of Hobbits was very close to the one I carved years before. We live in a Hobbit hole and call my studio the Rats Nest.

  •                                                 HOBBITS


There are many different kinds of Hawks but not many people actually get to see one of these in the wild. It’s a Red Neck Hawk chilling out with a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. This carving is for sale, contact me for information.

  •                    RED NECK HAWK


Most people don’t realize that Billy the Kid had a twin brother Silly. Here he is in living color. This carving is for sale, contact me for information.

  •                             SILLY THE KID


This is my latest caricature carving that I just finished. It’s my rendition of what a Prehistoric hillbilly family would have looked like. Here is the man of the cave, a Sabre tooth hillbilly with his butt ugly woman with a cave rat feeding on one of her thunder bags and their trusty hump back sabre tooth blue tick hound dog. I would turn loose of it for the right price.

  •                     PREHISTORIC HILLBILLY FAMILY

I was asked to create a group about the Civil War, this is what I ended up with a Union soldier, confederate soldier and a slave. It was requested the three carvings be painted. These are approximately 30″ in height. For some reason this group carving has got a lot of attention.

  •                                               NATION IN TURMOIL


I’ve been a car nut all my life, my favorites are street rods and customs. There are a large number of these car nuts that love to go to swap meets to buy and sell old car parts. This is my rendition of one of these nuts that’s almost having a climax after finding the car part he’s been searching for. I’ve got a 32 Ford street rod I built myself, it’s still under construction. nothing puts a big grin on my mug more then a good looking modified car. This caricature is for sale, contact me for information.

  •                          SWAP MEET JUNKY


Wanted to see if I could pull off some one running in mid air but needed some sort of support to suspend this guy. Then the bright  idea of using a dog chasing a cat might do the job. This carving is for sale. Contact me for information

  •                                                 FAT BOY’S RUN


It’s fun to play off words, that’s how I come up with these goofy ideas like Drill Instructor

  •                                    DRILL INSTRUCTOR


Don’t know why  didn’t think of this idea earlier since every one on the planet is taking pictures of themselves on cell and smart phones. As far as I know I may be the first one to do a caricature of this subject matter, but I could be wrong. I had a blast carving it. That’s the way woodcarving should be……having fun

  •                                                 “SELFIE’


  •                         Li’L HOUND DOG PUP



Always wanted to carve some wooly wild ass biker on a chopper so this is what I ended up with. What kind of biker worth his salt doesn’t have some hot babe ridding shot gun??? My good buddy Randy Landen the biggest, craziest carving nut on the planet owns this carving. Randy has a permanent grin tattooed on his face, because he has no need for a mouth on his face. Every one knows he does all his talking out the other end. Randy whoops out some  mighty dandy caricature carvings hiz-self. I’m the proud owner of one he did of John Wayne as the Duke

  •                                  WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR


Carved this big Indian carving back in the 70′s it went to a wonderful home in TX. Although one the owners is goofy as this Indian is looking. [ you ask for that Camie...Grin! ] I’d carved so many big cigar store Indians at the time I needed to clear the corncobs out of my head and carve a big Indian some what different. Those are hot dogs in his right hand instead of cigars, I always carved the name brand of hot dogs on the wrapping instead of cigars, not sure any one through all the years ever noticed that. In this business it helps to have a warped mind. Carved another big Indian similar to this one, the other one was smaller and not as good. This one stands over six feet tall.

  •                                   HAPPY


Where we use to live this is what a lawyer looked like. This little guy could also be considered a politician, they are usually tooting and blowing like him.

  •                         HILLBILLY LAWYER


Carved many caricature sports figures through the years. One time I carved George Balanda the famous quarterback and place kicker for the Raiders and like to fell over when his sister came in the shop and bought it. Wish I’d taken pictures of all the old caricatures but it never dawned on me they might be worth something in the future. Many were very crude but I had to get the work out to survive.

  •                          FAST BALL JOE


Fantasy art is one of my favorite subject matters. This is one I was working on in the shop in the raw wood. So many times I regret not getting a picture of it after it was painted. It was quite colorful and very popular with the public.


A friend sent me a colored picture of this fantasy carving I did so many years ago and the only picture I had was the one in raw bass wood while I was carving it. Now I can post a picture if the carving in color. It was pure joy receiving this color photo from the past.

Had to post a few of my cartoons, I don’t claim to be all that good at cartooning but have fun trying.  When I start carving caricatures I turn into the Carveinator.

  •                      THE CARVEINATOR


This cartoon should register with many woodcarvers. One time I was demonstrating carving at a local theme park and a fellow woodcarver kept eye balling my chisels, I told him to feel free to keep his dirty hands off my chisels.

  •                              KEEP YOUR PAWS OFF MY CHISELS


Also wanted to throw in a couple pencil sketches of some thing a little more realistic. At times I sketch an idea before carving it.

  •                               DA-DUKE and INDIAN MAIDEN


This was a fun piece to carve, tried to give the impression this Orangutang is suspended in air . Orangutangs have a lot of character, they are probably a lot more intelligent than most humans I’ve been around.

  •                             HANG IN THERE


Some of the most popular carvings I ever cranked out were these 6′ caricature cowboys. Seems like everyone loves cowboys the ugly and raunchier the better.

  •                 6′ cowboy       CLYDE


  •                                   BED BUGS


  •                                                “JAKE”

6′ Caricature cowboy, I was pleased with the caricature face on Jake


  •                         “COWPOKE GRILLINGS STEAKS”

Carved this caricature look alike of a old friend as a surprise birthday gift several years back. I hope he was surprised

  •                                   VIKING


This is an old cow herder watching over his bosses harem I carved back in the 70′s. He has an attention span about like mine.

  •                                                   COW WHISPERER


  •                               HAIRLESS HARRY

This is our 32 Ford street rod that I drew my rendition of it as it’s suppose to look after it is finished. It’s Lug Nut Ruthie and the village idiot taking a cruise in it. Hope it tells the story without a title. We may paint it black, I’ve been working on it for 200 years.


This  is a picture of my old woodcarving friends Harold Enlow, Pete Engler, and me        this was taken at Pete’s woodcarving shop in Branson MO. a couple years ago

This is  my assistant Megore and me standing by my computer. This is where I answer all your email inquiries. You might notice the big brain I’m packing, it’s a shame it’s totally void of any grammar.